BADIA ARQUITECTES  rencontre femme mature sur rueil malmaison is home to professionals who have a passion for architecture and city design. The continuous updating of our knowledge and the technologies we use in our work make us pioneers in our sector, this way making it possible to offer quality service in a variety of areas of our sector.

Francesc Badia Armengol

rencontre homme corbeil essonnes Graduated at the Escola Tècnica Superior de Arquitectura del Vallès in 1989. He started BADIA ARQUITECTES in 1990. Studied the equivalent to a PhD programme in Aesthetics and Architectural theory at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya from 1990 until 1994. He then completed various postgraduate studies at the SERT School in Barcelona in 1994, 1996, 2000, 2007 and 2011. He was a member of the Architectonical Composition department of the Escola d´Arquitectura del Vallès where he has taught in the past (1990-1994). He has also been professor of the final projects of the superior course interior design and has tutored several final projects of Interior Design at the Escola Municipal d´Art in Terrassa (1999-2011). He is now a member of the AADIPA organisation (Group of Architects for the Defence of Intervention in Architectural Heritage).

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We are strong believers that quality architecture and well-built urban spaces are essential to improving people’s quality of life.



We adjust our architectural design to the urban surroundings and the natural and ecological environment.



Sustainability and energy-saving solutions are key to us.



We work in multidisciplinary groups to provide our clients with the best and most complete service, thus offering our expertise in a variety of areas in order to provide the best options according to our customers’ needs.


Our working method is up to date with the new technologies available in our sector.


We never cease to update our professional knowledge in order to be informed of all the technical requirements and regulations at all times.


Our universal projects are free of architectural barriers.


Our projects and designs are custom-made.


We offer thorough and clear-cut management of all the design and construction.


We strive to keep a constant and fluent dialogue with our clients and all those involved.