We look for the best solution for each project and each client. We offer a wide range of services within the field of architecture and urban planning, with the main objective of facilitate and improve people's life quality.

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New building projects for different purposes such as housing and single-family dwellings, corporate buildings, commercial and office buildings, educational facilities, healthcare buildings, residences for elderly and hotels.

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rencontres sur montélimar Heritage and rehabilitation

Conservation and maintenance of architectural heritage. Renovations and rehabilitation of buildings. Projects that permit the modification of the use of existing buildings. Projects to improve energy efficiency and sustainability. Projects improving the accessibility.

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Interior design

Adaptation of interior spaces, renovation and improvement of areas for different purposes. Furniture and illumination design.

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Urban planning

Development of Urban Plans, Partial Plans, Re-parcelling Projects. Coordination of multidisciplinary teams in charge of report writing such as environmental reports, studies of mobility, economic and financial studies, etc. Expert advice on social needs and comunity participation, etc.

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Urban development and public spaces

Basic and complementary urbanization projects. Landscaping. Studies and projects to improve accessibility in urban spaces.

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Reports and certificates

Technical reports of buildings. Expert Consulting. Certificates of Habitability. Certificates of Acoustics, etc.

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Feasibility studies

Preliminary reports on the viability of urban development, building possibilities, etc.

We rencontre fdating MAKE  the documentation required to obtain building permissions, elaboration of budgets,  processing urban planning documents, etc.

We COORDINATE the different agents involved in both the planning and the construction stage.

We CONTROL the budgets and construction schedules as well as the quality control.

We MANAGE the necessary formalities related to the public administration and utility companies.